GlamZei Parivar mein aapka swagat hai! 

Chaliye, kahani shuru karte hai. 

The journey started in January 2021, when a few young as well as experienced fashion enthusiasts came together to create a miracle. With a similar vision in their eyes, they set foot to walk this journey together.

The initial few months went into deep research of the market and understanding the issues the consumers were facing in their casual clothing. Young brains and mindful experiences collaborated and spent about 8 months before the launch to bring this miracle to you. Thus, GlamZei vouches for its statement when it says that it provides the best quality of its product keeping in mind the value for money. It works every single day, early mornings and late nights, during Navratris and Diwalis and Holis and Onams, to make sure this miracle reaches to you, and makes your shopping experience easier, happier and ecstatic. 

The story behind the name GlamZei goes like this-

In an early morning meeting to brainstorm on the name ideas, one of the young members randomly used the word “GenZ” while explaining the idea behind one of the other names. Funnily, the other name didn’t make much sense, but the word “GenZ” was caught by everyone. However, our target audience isn’t just GenZ. Thus, more brainstorming meetings took place. We worked around this name to bring something that gave a similar vibe. After a hundred and one more meetings, the miracle took the name, “GlamZei”. The glamour in “GlamZei” just connected all the dots and here we are! 

What does GlamZei mean?             

Glam stands for Glamour. Zei means blessed. We are blessed to have the knowledge about apparels and fashion which will help us to give you the BEST PRODUCT. We want to happily share this knowledge with everyone and grow together. GlamZei says Fashion from A to Z.